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Mission, Vision & Objectives

There is no alternative to attaining the transcendence in human life. Education plays an unfailing role to the manifestation of humanity and human values. The chief aim of real education is to gain self power. And keeping this aim ahead by making the students respectful towards the religion of their own and others, making them superstition free and tolerant to others opinion, secular, humane, creative , justice loving, patriot and above all giving assistance to lay in them the foundation of being the dynamic citizens of the state. And for developing their social ethical and aesthetic value, Akij Ideal School and College has been trying to be an idea human resource development center and a modern institute in the South Bengal.
It is a big challenge for us to ascertain standard education. By keeping the challenge ahead, the efficient teachers and advisory body of Akij Ideal School and College are trying to render timely education and provide assistance to all the students equally so that they can take themselves to competitive position in the next level of higher education by assuring 100% A+ in their respective examination within the next three years.

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